Month-to-Month Agreement, One User Minimum, Trial Available

   Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is a cloud-based service provided by ERBrains, a Microsoft Partner that specializes in CRM and hosting. Our Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 service provides the same user interface and features as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online but with small-business-friendly terms, including a one-user minimum, month-to-month agreement, and free training via the Success Portal. Sign up for Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 today to enhance your sales, marketing, and service automation; thrill your customers; and drive profitability.

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   Partner Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Our Hosted CRM service delivers the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 in a convenient cloud-based deployment model. It limits the risk of adopting a new CRM system by eliminating the need to purchase licenses and hardware up front. It also provides the added benefit of removing the need for someone within your organization to manage the hardware and software.

Our shared model of hosted CRM is the best solution for businesses that want to leverage the power of the cloud to lower both the setup and recurring costs of their CRM system. With no hardware or software to buy and the option to choose a month-to-month commitment, there is no lower risk option available for powering your business with Dynamics CRM. With a one-user minimum and no long-term commitment, our hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the best CRM solution for small business with five or fewer CRM users.

   Hosted CRM Benefits

• Fully managed—free your IT to focus on other business priorities
• No long-term commitment required
• Add or remove users as needed.*
• Get up and running quickly.

•  Predictable monthly cost
•  High availability
•  Safe, secure, and reliable
•  Automatic data backups
• Access to free training webinars and the Success Portal, our video training library

• Friendly, end-user support from ERBrains
• Accessible anywhere with an Internet connection
• Work in your web browsers, Outlook, and mobile apps.
• Automate key Sales, Service, and Marketing processes.


The monthly fees for a Partner-Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM subscription is based on license type.
•  Professional - $65.00 per user, per month
•  Basic - As low as $30.00 per user, per month*
*Basic licenses start at $30 per user, per month for accounts with five or more Professional licenses in a single CRM instance. Please contact us for current pricing for accounts with fewer than five Professional licenses.

Setup Fees

The setup fees vary depending on whether you select a shared environment or a dedicated environment. A shared environment is adequate for most customers, but some companies prefer, or require, the added control, flexibility, and speed of a dedicated environment.
• Shared Environment – The setup fee for a shared environment is $50 per user or $250 whichever is less. The setup fee is non-refundable.
• Dedicated Environment – The setup fee for a dedicated environment is $3500.00 for a virtual dedicated environment and $7,000 for a physical dedicated environment. The setup fee is non-refundable.


Each partner-hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization comes with 10 GB or 0.5 GB per user (whichever is greater) of included storage space. Additional storage is available for $5.00 per GB, per month.

   Also Avail IT Managed Services from ERBrains

Freedom to Focus on Your Core Business

Whatever business you are in, switching to Managed IT Services allows you to redistribute your time, resources, and personnel from IT management to your core business with profound benefits for your bottom line.

Lower Initial Cost

Setting up the infrastructure needed to support an enterprise-grade network requires large capital investments. Managed IT Services from ERBrains allow you to leverage our state-of-art datacenter and equipment for a low monthly fee.

Lower Ongoing Costs

Outsourcing allows you to devote fewer resources to expensive servers, software licenses, and staff.

Predictable IT Budget

No more surprise costs from replacing failed servers or out-of-date software. With Managed IT Services, your IT costs are consistent and predictable.

Remote IT Assistance

Our expert support staff can diagnose and fix problems remotely.

Better IT Support

When you let ERBrains manage your IT, you leverage the experience, skills, and infrastructure of one of the leading Cloud companies in the world. You get real experts on your side, and your IT systems will function better and more reliably than before.

More Reliable IT Operations

Outsourcing your IT to ERBrains gives you enterprise-grade expertise and hardware without requiring you to hire more staff or invest in expensive new equipment and facilities.

Reduced IT Risk

Adopting new technologies carries considerable risk. Managed IT Services let you outsource that risk to a partner with the expertise and resources to manage it properly.

Better Network Availability

We guarantee 99.9% up time.


ERBrains performs all system updates, maintenance, and upgrades.


Managed IT Services let you respond with greater agility to changing business conditions and new opportunities.

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