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What is the Microsoft Dynamics-Navision ERP software system?

A comprehensive, easy-to-use ERP software system, Microsoft Dynamics-Navision ERP enables mid-size organizations to streamline business processes for accelerated growth. You can tailor Microsoft Dynamics-Navision to your business processes—manufacturing, distribution, financial management, sales and marketing, human resources, and others—and use it to accomplish your goals with optimal efficiency.
Business Systems Solutions is a Microsoft Dynamics-Navision Certified Solution Center allowing you to purchase Navision ERP Software directly.

Why Microsoft Dynamics NAV is right for your business?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV can provide your organization with value that extends across your operations and helps you:

Simplify your business with a single solution

  • Integrate and centrally store financial, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing, project management, human resources, and services information.

Improve productivity

  • Help people accomplish more every day with a familiar, intuitive user experience that works like Microsoft software they already use and provides RoleTailored access to relevant information and tasks.

Make smart decisions

  • Simplified access to job-specific information and tasks helps employees view work priorities and access the information they need to make informed, confident decisions; a wide range of analytical and reporting tools can help you gain insight into business performance.

Implement rapidly

  • Quickly set up and customize your system to meet your current business needs, knowing that you can easily adapt to changing demands by adding functionality, custom applications, and online business capabilities.

Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

  • By upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 you can get more value from your ERP solution. Breakthrough innovations can give your business the flexibility to adapt to new opportunities and growth and help you and your team address the challenges facing companies today: user productivity, change, globalization, and compliance.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Benefit

Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers the capabilities, performance, and ease of use trusted by more than 94,000 diverse businesses around the world.

Financial management

  • Get a better handle on the numbers. Help contain costs, control compliance, and maintain crystal-clear visibility into your assets and cash flow.

Business intelligence and reporting

  • Base decisions on intelligence, not on emergencies. Get relevant data and recommendations today regarding the best course of action for tomorrow.

Supply chain management

  • Use your supply chain to spur growth. Sharpen your production and shipment schedules, help cut inventory costs, and give yourself room to grow.

Sales, service, and project management

  • Put customers first. Help increase sales, control projects and processes, and get what you need to delight your customers through every step of their experience.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgradation

Perfecting the science of upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Navision

When business owners and management consider the possibility of upgrading, unpleasant thoughts often come to mind:

  • Upgrading is complicated, will cost money, will interrupt operations, and could even make things worse. We believe upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) should be a non-event—and we’ve proven it more than 100 times in the last five years alone. If you’re considering an upgrade but are concerned that it will not be worthwhile, or if you think your Dynamics NAV or Navision solution can’t be upgraded, we’d like to put those concerns to rest so you can make an informed decision about upgrading and start taking advantage of what today’s Dynamics NAV has to offer.

Why Upgrade?

As you’re thinking about whether or not you should upgrade, there are some common misunderstandings about upgrading that you need to be aware of:

Ultimately, the success of an upgrade depends on the partner you choose. An upgrade partner should not treat upgrades as a “part-time job;” they should have a dedicated team with the experience of doing a large number of upgrades to draw from, a deep understanding of the tools needed, and a proven methodology. We take pride in our excellent reputation for smooth execution of upgrades, regardless of industry or complexity. Our upgrade teams are specially staffed according to the needs of your organization to coordinate and manage your NAV or Navision upgrade from start to completion. We also include key employees from your organization to ensure clear communication and efficient collaboration. Our carefully designed upgrade methodology utilizes the Microsoft Upgrade Toolkit, the Microsoft Data Conversion/Migration tool, other code comparison tools, and proven practices and procedures.


Upgrading is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Done right, an upgrade can bring real business value. When you upgrade, you can take advantage of new features, platform, and fixes to previous versions. Upgrading also helps you stay in compliance, increase productivity with more advanced software technology, improve visibility, protect your data, and grow and expand your business. The result: lower costs, more opportunities, and a more competitive position.

Now is the time … Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is here

If your organization uses NAV and hasn’t upgraded lately, now is the time. Dynamics NAV 2016 delivers breakthrough innovations in the software and in deployment options, such as a Web Client, SharePoint client, Azure, refined RoleTailored capabilities, new and improved server, cash flow forecasting, OneNote integration, and more.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support

Like all its business management solutions, Dynamics NAV is supported by Microsoft via its partner channel. This means that users of Dynamics NAV have in effect two levels of support, one from their channel partner and one from the Microsoft channel itself. One of the benefits of this support structure from the end user’s point of view is that you are not tied into one company to support your system and changing channel partner is relatively easy. However, that can be a bit like saying one of the benefits of marriage is divorce! We recognise that you won’t want to change your partner on a whim, but it is a good idea to revisit the reasons for choosing a particular channel partner from time to time, especially at times of strategic change.

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