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Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry

Consulting and ERP system for validated procedures

Only in the pharmaceutical industry products are connected directly with the physical well-being and our health as the medicines, pharmaceutical products and medicinal products. Legislator and public authority therefore set up comprehensive regulations for the production and distribution of these products, which focus more and more on the integration of the ERP systems into the business processes. Meeting the physical requirements and legal regulations while keeping an eye on the own profit and competitiveness is one of the key challenges every pharmaceutical company faces. ERP systems as well as the entire IT-Governance therefore move in the focus of management to satisfying these conditions that these companies trust slim and non-conform methods and remain agile.









Complying with regulations

Having worked alongside pharmaceutical companies, we know that one of their greatest challenges is ensuring that products comply with a plethora of international laws and regulations. Microsoft Dynamics Pharmaceutical ERP software prompts companies, making FDA compliance a lot easier to achieve. Expensive paperwork errors are reduced, as are the number of preventable recalls. Quality management is reinforced at every stage through sample and batch management tools, accounting and work scheduling. Microsoft Dynamics contains the necessary functionality to ensure good Automated Manufacturing Practice.

Pharmaceutical ERP in accordance with GAMP 5

We develop and implement Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems according to the GAMP 5 recommendations published by the ISPE, which are certified for use in a validated environment. In addition to the actual software, we also supply SOP documentation and templates, so that the validation effort can be kept to a minimum when introducing a new ERP system in the pharmaceutical industry. A proven and established deployment method advances both the immediate project and subsequent commercial success.

Pharma Quality / Compliance

Track and Trace

ERP Software for Pharma enables to determine a drug’s current and past locations. When track and trace is correctly implemented, a drug can be tracked throughout the supply chain and traced back up the supply chain upon return or recall.
In an effort to support track and trace for pharmaceuticals, serialization must be used to help identify a drug’s authenticity prior to sale, dispensing, return or recall. And, while a serial number provides a product with a unique identity, by itself, it is not enough to combat counterfeit, adulterated or expired medications from entering the drug supply chain. Serialized products must be supported by a number of other processes and data points, which are derived through track and trace.

Research and Development

Research and product development forms a huge part of any pharmaceutical company’s operation and the costs can rise exceptionally quick. Microsoft Dynamics budgeting forecasting modules ensure that inefficiencies and inaccuracies can be noted, and the budgeting and accounting is managed. The newly released Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations, as well as the Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV, Dynamics Business Central are all prime software choices to embed quality and visibility into your pharmaceutical operation.

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