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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services


ERBrains - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation Partner

With expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services across Verticals, ERBrains has a proven track record in delivering cost effective CRM solutions to various clients around the world. Research shows that lack of adoption is a major cause for CRM implementation failures. Clearly, employees will get more from a user-friendly system than a complex and over-engineered solution. Strategic IT Corp provides a complete offering of services - starting from consulting right through the implementation and successful adoption of the system by your employees in order to make sure you get the necessary return on your investment. Our clients include customers from diverse sectors, including global organizations in financial services, insurance, telecoms, government and healthcare.


We offer a broad range of services which helps our customers to analyse, define and achieve their CRM objectives. The services include:

  • Consulting services for CRM Implementation services, roadmap and package evaluation
  • Solution Engineering
  • Package Implementation and Upgrades
  • Production support and on-going maintenance

Dynamics CRM Implementation Methodology:

Sure Step Methodology organizes the approach into five distinct phases during the implementation project lifecycle -






A standard set of templates are available depending on the type of projects. The most common project types are listed below:

Standard Implementation

Typically used as a lean approach to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM at a single site with moderate complexity.


Enterprise Implementation

Typically used where a standardized approach for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM in either a complex single-site environment or in a global/ multi-site organization where country specific solutions have to be factored on top of a core solution.


Agile Implementation

Uses an iterative, incremental process for developing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services and Solutions. This project gives customer greater control over the final solution because customers can quickly change the direction of the solution from one sprint cycle to next. Typically used at a single site requiring specific features and moderate to complex customizations.


Rapid Implementation

an accelerated approach for implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM with minimal or no customizations. This can be used in situations characterized by a limited scope where the basic application features are desired, and/or where the large majority of the customer’s business processes are not considered as complex.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Custom Development

We are Microsoft Dynamics CRM development specialists, we have our own in-house Software Development Team to develop and enhance Dynamics CRM to meet exact customer requirements.

This team is highly experienced and expert in the key skills required to develop Microsoft Dynamics CRM including ASP.NET, C#, and Visual Studio:

  • Microsoft Certified Developers
  • C#, .NET, Visual Studio Experienced in CRM and familiar with third party products
  • Development of iPhone, iPad, Tablet and Web Dynamics CRM solutions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - XRM Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a relational database that is noted for its ease of use and rapid deployment. Extended Relationship Management (xRM) is the term used to describe a solution using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage other areas of an organisation for example; employees, partners, suppliers, distributors, vendors or assets. Dynamics CRM can be customised to manage these relationships more efficiently and effectively.

We help customers to apply and customise Microsoft Dynamics CRM to any area of an organisation and extend its capabilities and realise the benefits:

  • Tailored solutions for your organisation
  • Ease of use and familiarity of the Microsoft interface
  • Rapid deployment
  • Scalable to grow with requirements
  • Integration with Microsoft Office and other products

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support Services for Enterprise

  • To attract new customers for your business and retain the ones you have, your business needs ways to boost sales and customer satisfaction now get the best productivity out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Microsoft Services Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solutions help automate the business processes that deliver world-class customer care experiences and improve your sales and marketing impact.
  • Your business can build capabilities such as loyalty management, customer care, and social media integration through systems that are easy to use and provide business insights that can give your organization a competitive edge.
  • Avail our Support services through Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) adding a spice of Consulting and Development to it. To enhance and maintain your existing system for a better productivity reach us to find out how.

Your Value

With our solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your business can effectively:

  • Manage data on sales prospects and customers.
  • Gain insight into sales opportunities and pipeline.
  • Drive customer loyalty through targeted campaigns.
  • Manage customer call center productivity.
  • Tap social media channels for the most up-to-date information.
  • Access and update system information through multiple devices.
  • Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with other lines of business applications.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration Services

Make the most of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM investment with our Dynamics CRM Integration Services 360-degree view of sales opportunities, superior customer interactions and more effective marketing campaigns. These are the results you can expect when your Microsoft Dynamics CRM is fine-tuned and integrated to fit your specific business requirements. ERBrains guarantees a smooth and seamless Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration into your environment because we've invested heavily in the skills and expertise required for our employees.

How will you benefit from our Dynamics CRM integration and implementation services?

  •   Integration and synchronization with other enterprise applications
  •   Rapid time-to-market implementation, faster time-to-ROI
  •   Connectivity and streamlining, no re-entering previously captured data
  •   Improved customer satisfaction and increased lifetime value
  •   Optimized communication with customers and prospects
  •   Scalability to grow with your business
  •   Seamless Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration with other Microsoft software
  •   Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration with Third Party Applications
  •   Faster transition, reduced costs with more efficient
  •   implementation
  •   Customized, scalable solution with flexibility for business growth

We use

the application's flexible open architecture and consolidated platform to offer limitless Dynamics CRM integration possibilities
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration with other Microsoft applications and cross provider platforms for increased employee productivity and more efficient business processes, we integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the Microsoft or third-party applications you already use. This helps you maximize the value of your technology investments.

  • Integration with Microsoft Office applications.
  • Integration with line-of-business applications and other Microsoft products, including Microsoft BizTalk Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.
  • Advanced integration with a wide range of third-party applications, like SAP, Oracle, QuickBooks and many more.

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