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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Price and License Guide

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is available at four different license levels: Enterprise ($200), Professional ($65), Basic ($30), and Essential ($15). All new CRM Online subscriptions must have a minimum of five (5) licenses. The minimum can be met with a combination of Enterprise and Professional licenses. Once the five-license minimum has been met, you may mix and match any number of additional Enterprise, Professional, Basic, and Essential licenses. For example, you could subscribe to 1 Enterprise, 7 Professional, 10 Basic, and 3 Essential licenses.
User subscription licenses (USLs) are required for all internal users, including employees, on-site contractors, and other on-site vendors. All licenses are assigned on a named-user basis. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online does not support device-based licensing.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online - Professional License

The Professional License ($65)* is the standard Microsoft Dynamics CRM license that the majority of subscribers will find best suits their needs. The Professional License is the only license (besides Enterprise) that allows users to read and write to Opportunities, making it the best choice for sales professionals.

  • Administer your CRM organization
  • Customize your organization
  • Create and manage system dashboards, charts, workflows, and dialogs
  • Social listening
  • View activity feeds
  • Social analysis
  • Sales force automation
  • Customer service automation
  • Create marketing lists and campaigns
  • Manage activities
  • Access through web browser, Outlook, and mobile apps
  • Create and manage personal dashboards and charts
  • Read and write contacts, opportunities, leads, accounts, and cases
  • Read and write custom application data

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online - Basic License

The Basic license ($30) is a stripped down version of the Professional license that is intended for entry-level CRM users and business analysts. The Basic license allows users to manage accounts, contacts, leads, and cases. It also allows users to view and manage activities and activity feeds, and access the mobility features of CRM.

  • Create and manage personal dashboards and charts
  • Read and write contacts, leads, accounts, and cases
  • Read and write custom application data
  • Manage activities
  • View activity feeds
  • Access through web browser, Outlook, and mobile apps

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online - Essential License

For $15 per user, per month, the Essential license provides lightweight access to custom applications built on Dynamics CRM. It is meant for users within the organization who need to access custom applications, but who do not need to access core sales, service, or marketing functions of Dynamics CRM.

  • Read and write custom application data
  • Manage activities
  • View activity feeds
  • Provide access to custom applications built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online - Enterprise License

In June of 2014, Microsoft added a fourth license type for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online called Enterprise. The Enterprise license ($200 per user, per month) is the ultimate Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online license for marketing and service users. The Enterprise License takes all of the features of the Professional license and adds advanced marketing and service features, including Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and the Unified Service Desk.

  • All of the rights of the Professional License
  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing
  • Unified Service Desk
  • Collaborative case management
  • Brand management
  • Marketing Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Enhanced knowledgebase management
  • Social care
  • Integrated Web chat

Additional Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Licensing Information


Each subscription comes with one (1) production instance.


Each additional GB of storage is $9.99 per month.


Additional production instances are available for $549 per instance, per month.


5 GB of storage is included with each subscription. For every additional 20 Professional user licenses, Microsoft increases the base storage by 2.5 GB up to a maximum of 50 GB.


Each subscription with 25 or more Professional user licenses receives one (1) non-production instance. Non-production instances can be added for $150 per instance, per month.

*Prices are in US dollars for the North American region. Prices may vary by region. The prices and license information on this page are provided for educational purposes only and are not a guarantee of price, features, or availability.

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