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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation for Microsoft Dynamics ERP - Finance and Operations, Business Central and Power Apps - Sales, Customer Service, Project Operations, Field Service, HR and Commerce.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

A comprehensive solution from Microsoft Dynamics ERP Suite to Automate and modernise your financials and operations to drive growth and make real-time, data-driven decisions at global scale with this intelligent modern enterprise business application.

  • Drive strategic financial decisions with AI.
  • Unify and automate your financial processes
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Decrease global financial complexity and risk
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

A comprehensive solution from Microsoft Dynamics ERP Suite to Track and manage your finances and inventory with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central — a comprehensive business management solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses as a service (SaaS) accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
Streamline your processes - make smarter decisions and accelerate growth.

  • Increase financial visibility
  • Optimize your supply chain
  • Boost sales and improve service
  • Deliver projects on time and within the budget
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Today’s buyers are changing the rules of the game. They want experiences and that includes frictionless transactions. But that isn’t enough with the challenging market after the pandemic, business are demanding just more than any CRM can do. Microsoft's Dynamics 365 CRM on the Power Apps platform comes with a package of surprises with Linkedin Integration, AI, bots and accelerator's to track, manage and transform the sales experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Hub - A Microsoft's award-winning CRM(Customer Relationship Management) software.

  • Enable smarter selling with contextual AI.
  • Empower sellers to build relationships
  • Boost sales productivity with seamless tools
  • Integrate with LinkedIn, reach Prospects Faster
  • Increase sales profitably with advanced insights
  • Innovate with sales solutions built to evolve
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights - enables proactive decision making for any aspect of the sales process.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Building brand affinity and customer loyalty with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and empower agents with a single, unified experience that delivers end-to-end customer services across every channel.

Microsoft dynamics 365 AI solution for Customer Service Insights uses artificial intelligence to automatically group your cases into topics using natural language understanding.

  • Earn customers for life
  • Personalise service with 360-degree customer views
  • Empower agents to be more productive
  • Resolve cases faster with cross-company collaboration
  • Intelligently route cases by topic or channel.
  • Intelligently route cases by topic or channel.
  • Unify technology
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing helps in building more rewarding business relationships when you create seamless experiences that increase lead generation, improve marketing ROI with embedded intelligence and analytics that track marketing performance, strengthen your marketing capabilities and expand your sales opportunities, email marketing integration with Office 365.

  • Align sales and marketing
  • Make informed decisions
  • Grow with an adaptable platform
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations empowers you to deliver profitable projects on time and within budget while increasing employee productivity. Run and automate your project-based business more productively with this enterprise-grade project management application.

  • Manage projects with confidence
  • Optimize your resources
  • Forecast project profitability
  • Increase productivity
  • Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Increase customer satisfaction with intelligent scheduling, native mobile support and remote asset monitoring to help dispatch the right resource at the right time to the right place.

  • Deliver service proactively
  • Schedule resources intelligently
  • Ensure a first-time fix
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for HR (Human Resources)

Drive success by providing exceptional experiences, from attracting the right people with native LinkedIn tools to employee onboarding, engagement, growth and HR Module

  • Transform employee experiences
  • Optimise your HR programmes
  • Increase organisational agility
  • Discover workforce insights
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Elevate your brand with Dynamics 365 Commerce. Deliver personalised, seamless shopping experiences across physical and digital channels. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Commerce platform delivers a comprehensive omnichannel solution.

  • Engage customers across channels
  • Build loyalty and exceed expectations
  • Get everything to build and run digital commerce
  • Streamline and optimise your retail operations
  • Get the flexibility and security you need
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Click Dimensions for Marketing

Marketing Automation Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a 100% native solution for multichannel marketing automation to improve marketing ROI with embedded intelligence and analytics that track marketing performance.
ClickDimensions marketing automation platform helps Microsoft Dynamics users to achieve their marketing goals. The marketing automation solution includes tools like email marketing, campaign automation, web intelligence, surveys, web forms and landing pages, social marketing and more to help our clientele generate more leads, close more sales and more effectively engage customers. Explore our full feature set below and contact us for pricing and subscription management.

  • One Solution within your Dynamics 365
  • Data Driven analytics to measure
  • Enterprise Grade marketing Intelligence
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Power BI

Create a data-driven culture with business intelligence for all

  • Get self-service analytics at enterprise scale
  • Use smart tools for strong results
  • Help protect your analytics data
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