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ERP Contract Negotiation

We at ERBrains aim at providing its clients with reduced costs and negotiate terms that are beneficial.

Establishing a Negotiation Strategy

The experts at our end decipher your concerns and objectives and then formulate the contract terms. The terms which we help in negotiating are costs of continuity, work requirement terms, execution services, etc.


Trader's Journal of Negotiation

A negotiation workbook including a fair comparison of your top vendors shall be provided. It assists you in understanding the requirement with the help of imaginary outlines.

Allianced Outlook

With our allianced outlook we help our users to attain cost savings of about 30-60 percent. Our allianced approach helps in negotiating on your behalf or facilitating you with everything, to do it on your own. There are generally 3-4 rounds of negotiation which take about 3 weeks or a few months depending upon the intricacy of the requirement.


Proprietary costs

A long term proprietary cost analysis shall be given which takes the following factors into consideration:


Structure of authorization


Rates of supplies


Recompense period


Placement model


Allianced approach


Alignment of software


Costs of software in contrast to the cost of service


Schedule of benefits realization

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