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Project Auditing & Recovery

The verification and Validation process allows Businesses to take the objective to identify high-risk areas and work effectively on those, We at ERBrains Migrate risks and help in contingency planning.

This is a very crucial part of the process and it involves reviewing different aspects of project management. Tracking deliverables with the timeline are two important processes in this stage of implementation.


The first step is to ensure we bridge the objective and implementation, through project auditing. This essentially means that the expert team ensures that there is no overshooting of cost and the budget is maintained. The objectives for the transformation are actually met after the implementation process without taking the process away from the objective


Advantage of Excellence

Our team knows just the right amount of efficiency and effectiveness that is required for the process and the end result. Your organization would carry the advantage of this domain expertise we have as that ensures that everything happens according to the timeline, keeping the stakeholders in the loop

The Loop

These are the few questions that the team will discuss with the organization, which we previously referred to as keeping the stakeholders in the loop

  1. What is the expected outcome of this project?
  2. Are the requirements being met by the team?
  3. Are we on the right track for this transformation?
  4. Is the organization completely ready to embrace the changes and possibilities that come with the implementation?
  5. How can ERP Reports help us in decision making?


Our Step by Step guide to ERP Selection Process

8 must ask questions for ERP Selection

Ensure Success

If your project success is uncertain – or project failure seems inevitable – project auditing and/or ERP project recovery can help you get back on track.
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