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ERBrains has been actively involved in the fields of ERP implementation and consulting services since 2001. Over the past 15+ years, we have been capable of providing optimized management solutions and ERP services covering business processes such as implementation, consulting, operation & maintenance to domestic as well as overseas enterprise users. ERBrains is one among the best erp consulting companies in bangalore. ERBrains consulting services has thrived many companies in succession and achieved their goals as such.

We also provide technical support round the clock by leveraging a seamless combination of rich project experience and mature industry solutions. By adhering to the philosophy of customer focus and excellence by innovation, we provide users with the best ERP platforms and top-notch services in many layers.


ERP Consulting Services Portfolio:

  • ERP Implementation
  • We provide ERP implementation where we deal with installing the requisite software or application as well as moving your financial data over to the new system.

  • ERP Promotion
  • Our ERP promotion process deals with the implementation of the enterprise resource planning, project implementation, analysis, design, transition and operations

  • IT planning
  • With our Strategic IT planning, we assess your business and craft a plan to work on your mission, vision, and values, as well as your long-term business goals.

  • System Upgrade and Technical Service
  • At ERBrains, we also provide post-delivery services such as upgrading and technical service of maintenance and support from time to time.

  • ERP System Customization and Development
  • With a customized ERP system and development, we formulate a process under the purpose and software implementation to facilitate your operations.

  • Operation and Maintenance
  • We design, develop and deliver software applications for business and take care of their operation and maintenance of the applications for optimum functioning.

  • Training
  • We provide adequate training to the staff and invest in the best talents and motivate them to learn and explore new and trending technologies in the market.

Our Values:

  • Generate Business Value for Customers Through Delivery Excellence.
  • At ERBrains, we stand on our values and providing the best of our potential for generating business values for our customers with excellence in delivery.

  • Conduct Business with Uncompromising Integrity.
  • At ERBrains, we stand on our values and providing the best of our potential for conducting businesses to maintain uncompromised integrity

  • To Serve with Accountability and Responsibility
  • At ERBrains, we stand on our values and providing the best of our potential for being able to serve project with full accountability and ownership

  • Build Innovation in Everything from Product to Process
  • At ERBrains, we stand on our values and providing the best of our potential for being able to innovatively create an end to end solutions


Benefits that Clients Gain from ERBrains ERP Implementation Services:

Operational Efficiencies

We deliver projects treating as our own to our clients in the most cost-effective manner possible ensuring the high-quality output of our products, service, and support.

Consumer engagement

We believe in building long-term relationships with the clients to retain loyal customers by providing them a competitive edge successfully.

Reduced Costs

We have flexible pricing models for every project catering to unique project requirements and the budget proposed by the clients to accommodate the project.

Increased Revenue

We understand and implement the best practices that will eventually lead to greater return on investments (ROI) of our clients and summing up to company revenue.

Accountability & Responsibility

We serve with accountability and responsibility to our clients. We take all responsibilities for the delivery of the projects and ensure all the processes are smooth and projects delivered on time.


We as a team build innovation in everything from product to process. and guarantee the best outcomes for your projects with all new technology and strategies applied.

Enterprise Resources Planning software

Enterprise Resources Planning software automates an establishment’s vital processes including sales, marketing, human resource, financial accounting, and likes. Features of an organization that helps improve the business performance and accelerate organization-wide operations are taken care of by the ERP. An ERP system possesses the potential to integrate indispensable services into a single platform, hence aiding users to make effective data-based decisions.

If you still rely on Excel for generating reports and managing multiple systems, it’s about time you consider the ERP software to run your growing business with increased efficiency. Come explore how!

Step 1: ERP Selection

One of the biggest issues facing emerging companies is the selection of an appropriate ERP system. While choosing an ERP system for an organization, one must look at:

  • Technologies used by the ERP solution
  • The total cost of ownership of the solution
  • The kind of support and training being offered

Aligning people and resources with technology ensures that an organization opts for the right digital solutions supporting the strategic vision of the business.

Step 2: ERP Implementation

Implementing an ERP system can be a fairly complex undertaking. Integrating multiple functions across the business for increased productivity and efficiency ensures a successful implementation. A structured, phased implementation approach includes the following six phases:

  • Discovery & planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Support
  • Deployment
  • Testing

The technology-centric and multi-disciplinary approaches of ERP implementation start with planning & architecture and conclude with managing the project. The best practices of ERP implementation take into account regular communication in the team and the careful planning of data migration, backed by ERP consulting services.

Step 3: ERP Contract Negotiation

Before negotiation begins, a correct budget is established for business process improvement purposes, enterprise software selection, and implementation. The negotiating phase is assisted by:

  • Comparing bids
  • Framing negotiation targets & strategies
  • Assisting with contract review
  • Driving communications during negotiations

The negotiation process ensures that the contract reflects an accurate user count. It double-checks whether or not the contract has captured the required systems properly. Ascertaining the terms of the agreement carrying into the future, ERP negotiations provide clients with reduced costs.

Step 4: Technology Assessment

Before getting started with the Enterprise Resource Planning software, it is essential to evaluate the technical preparedness of the ERP systems. Assess your ERP for on the following heads before you begin:

  • IT competencies
  • Data hygiene & architecture
  • Software evaluation & selection
  • Application & technology inventory
  • Independent verification & valuation

The first objective for each unique technology assessment project is to understand the business’ strategy and short & long-term goals. This step aims at resolving customer pain points and techno glitches by providing digital upgrades from experts.

Step 5: Digital Strategy

The digital strategy is a summation of “people + process + technology + culture”. It involves bringing the ownership of processes at every level, hence turning information into insightful data. This data is then amalgamated with the core of the business. ERP can lead your digital transformation in the following manner:

    • Aligning ERP and digital strategy
    • Implementing in phases
    • Rewriting the right business processes
    • Maximizing the data
    • Making the ERP customer-centric

Digital strategies aim at reimagining the human experience. It changes the organizations through significant improvisation processes. Providing the customers, vendors, and stakeholders with flexibility in the business, they help companies achieve digital transformations.

Once the above steps are completed, project auditing and recovery come into the picture. From implementation services to the training & ongoing support, ERP consulting services allow businesses to identify high-risk areas. Once the identification is done, they also help with contingency planning.

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